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    Yarn Ball Winder

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    No more messy and tangled yarns during your knitting and crochet time.

    It can confuse you or even stress you because of the mess it makes. But this time, with our handy Yarn Ball Winder, you’ll enjoy neat and organized yarn cakes everytime. 

    No need to manually wind up wool or yarns and just make your hands cramp in the process. Transform yarn hanks and skeins into neat cakes with just a couple of cranks!

    Highlight Features:

    • Prevent Hand Cramps from Manual Winding: Make cakes quickly and easily and without the hand cramps. So much easier and faster to wind than creating a ball by hand. Achieve compact center-pull cakes easily without the laborious and finger-hurting process. Wind up to 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of yarn!
    • Reinforced Overall Build: Designed to be both durable and flexible. This Yarn Ball and Wool Winder is tough enough to handle high-speed winding without any annoying sound. Low-noise lets you use this even late at night without disturbing anyone.
    • Multi-Use Wool Winder: This can also be used to inspect your yarns for any knots or weak points. Knitting will surely be a bliss when you have this by your side. Any partial skeins can also be organized easily. Save money from buying yarn balls and make your own one instead! Organize all types of wool yarn into usable cakes.


      Product Specifications:

      Color: White/Red 

      Material: Plastic + Iron 

      Size: 19 X 18 X 11.5cm


      Package Includes:

      1 x  Yarn Ball Winder



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