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    Waterproof Outdoor Pocket Blanket

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    The Perfect Pocket-size Outdoor Blanket

    Love sitting down and enjoy outdoor view at anytime and anywhere? Our Waterproof Outdoor Pocket Blanket is the one for you! When folded, it is as small as the size of a palm, so you can easily fit it into your pocket or even hook it onto your back. Its waterproof feature makes it suitable to be used in any surface, allowing you to sit or lie down while keeping your clothes clean and dry. Due to its compact size and handy design, you can bring this pocket blanket to any outdoor activities like picnic, camping, hiking, sunbathing at the beach and even to music festivals.


    Highlight Features:

    • Compact and lightweight. This Waterproof Outdoor Pocket Blanket can be compressed/folded into palm-size, making it portable and convenient to brought around to any outdoor activity. You can simply keep it in your pocket, hooked it to your bag, carry it in your purse or store it in your car. When the pocket blanket is expanded/opened, it can fit up to 4 people. 

    • Waterproof and durable. Made with high quality nylon material, this pocket blanket is extremely durable and waterproof. Now you can sit on anywhere, even on wet surfaces and your clothes will still be clean and dry. The pocket blanket can also be used as a make-do raincoat due to its waterproof feature. No need to worry about getting drenched when it suddenly rains. 

    • Easy to clean. Due to the unique feature of the material, this pocket blanket is both waterproof and sandproof. You can easily brush off sands and dirts off the blanket, keeping your outdoor experience mess-free. This pocket blanket is both hand washable and machine washable when required. 

    • Smart design to fix it ground. No need to worry about the lightweight blanket from being blown away by wind. This Waterproof Outdoor Pocket Blanket comes with built-in ground stake to keep the blanket on the ground. Alternatively, it comes with incorporated pockets that allow you to weight the blanket down with sand or stones. You can now enjoy and relax without worrying about the blanket flying away.

    • Multipurpose. The compact size and waterproof features makes this pocket blanket practical and convenient for all outdoor activities. Simply lay out this pocket blanket on the ground when you are spending time with your kids in the backyard, having picnics in the park, sunbathing on the beach, star gazing with your loved ones, camping, hiking or even on fishing trips. 

    Product Specifications:

    • Material: Nylon
    • Product Weight:
      • S: 50g
      • M: 100g
      • L: 150g
    • Product Size (Compressed):
      • S: 6 x 8 x2cm
      • M: 8 x 10 x 3cm
      • L: 10 x 12 x 4cm
    • Product Size (Expanded):
      • S: 70 x 110cm
      • M: 110 x 150cm
      • L: 150 x 180cm


    Package Includes:

    1 x Waterproof Outdoor Pocket Blanket




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