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    Wall Mount Adjustable Socket

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    Our innovative track capable system allows you to add, remove, and reposition power outlets anytime anywhere - by just a simple twist.

    Our extensive range of architecturally versatile tracks are designed for use in a wide range of applications - residential use includes kitchens, living rooms, study rooms, floor skirting, and many more: commercial use includes system furniture, server rooms, display counters, test labs and many more.



    It can slide parallel along the track without rotating. The adapter rotates 90°clockwise, and the LED light is on after being energized, which makes your socket more flexible.


    The adapter can be unplugged and inserted at any place on the track at will, and the power output position can be located at any time.

    • SAFE

    Small gap opening design, advanced grounding structure, hand-held metal objects directly inserted into the rail will not cause electric shock.


    4 adapters for one track can be plugged into US standard socket, universal hole socket, USB charging socket and switched LED night light at the same time, which can meet various needs.


    1. Fix the gasket ring in the double-sided adhesive on the mounting hole on the back of the track.

    2. Determine the installation position, mark the punch position.

    3. Holes are drilled in order at the marked holes.

    4. Insert the expansion screw sheath into the hole in the wall.

    5. Take off the lid of the power tracks junction box.

    6. To remove a knock hole on the back, used to penetrate a wire.

    7. Pass the wire inside the wall through the hole of the concealed bottom box, and knock out the hole in the track box.

    8. Connect the wires and organize the wires into the concealed back box for easy mounting.

    9. Locating the rails against the wall, aligning the holes with screws to secure the rails to the wall.  


    • Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Color: White/Gold/Black
    • Panel Size: 60cm x 5.5cm
    • Current: 32Amp
    • Voltage: 250V
    • Power: 8000W 


    •  1 x Wall Mount Adjustable Socket



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