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    Volleyball Spike Training Aid

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    Great home training equipment for volleyball 


    In volleyball, spiking is a form of attacking and a very popular offensive move used in volleyball. This is the act of jumping and hitting the ball down into the opponent's court, which hopefully results in a "kill". Apparently, some of the volleyball players are not confident with their spiking skills. PowerSpike Volleyball Spike Training Aid is great training equipment that will help you improve your timing, speed, and power of hitting approach in volleyball. 


    • Ultimate Spike Training Equipment. PowerSpike Volleyball Spike Training Aid is designed with a large hook to link and an improved flexible holder. It secures the ball so this will not be a nuisance to you while you train. This will help you hit with more power and accuracy. 

    • Adjustable height. This spike trainer features an adjustable elastic cord so you can adjust it to accommodate any hitter's height. This will help you to train with convenience and be the best star volleyball player you were born to be. 

    • No hurting hands. This training aid doesn't involve any metal or hard objects close to the place where your hand makes contact with the ball. This eliminates the worry of hurting your hand. 

    • Improves Reaction. This is programmed to bounce spontaneously to help volleyball players develop their hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and reaction time. This will help you hone your footwork and arm swing. 

    • Train anywhere you want. You may have heard a lot of times that volleyball players can't always train because of the limited space they have. Good thing, this spike training equipment is made to be with you so you can practice anywhere you want.

    Product Specification:

    • Material: Elastic
    • Product Weight: 1.6 lbs
    • Color: Black

    Package includes: 

    • 1 x PowerSpike Volleyball Spike Training Aid



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