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    Professional Precision T-Ruler And Bend Ruler

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    T-Rule Measuring Tool for Positioning and Marking


    This isn’t just your ordinary ruler, Professional Precision T-Ruler And Bend Rule feature micro-holes that allow you to quickly spot a sharp pencil point or scribe exactly where you want it. No more squinting to line up your pencil on the hazy lines around the edge of your old steel rule. Locate your sharp pencil or scribe with absolute precision.


    • Say goodbye to inaccurate measurements. Drawing a straight line can be a struggle especially with accurate measurements. Professional Precision T-Ruler And Bend Rule feature tiny holes and slots at each division, allowing you to make a dot or mark a line in the width of a hair with a pencil!


    • Designed to be reliable and durable. The ruler is made of stainless steel and has a comfortable texture, simple scale, and CNC machining. For ease of use, the vertical adjustment knob is made of pure copper knurled nuts. You can choose between 180mm/200mm/300mm/400mm. 


    • Vertical Racing. To complete vertical tracking, direct the pen tip through the small round hole that corresponds to the scale and pass the engraving ruler forward or back with both hands.


    • Effortlessly place your mark precisely on target with zero uncertainty. This row consists of four rows of small round holes that can be accurate to a scale of 0.25 mm: the first round hole is a complete-scale that fits the millimeter scale. The full scale + 0.25 mm is the second round hole; the entire scale + 0.5 mm is the third round hole, and the full scale + 0.75 mm is the fourth round hole.


    • Mark top, edge, and corners. This gives you a horizontal line, a vertical line, a long line, a short line, a parallel line, and a line at a right angle, among other functions, to satisfy your various marking needs. The shape holds it in place perfectly, and the two-scale surfaces allow you to mark and measure at the top, edge, and corners.

    Product Specification:

    Material: Stainless Steel
    Product Size: 180mm/200mm/300mm/400mm. 
    Product Weight: 150 g
    Color: Silver

    Package includes:

    1 x Professional Precision T-Ruler And Bend Rule



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