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    Powerful Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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    No more dirty pools!



    Powerful Pool Vacuum Cleaner is the smartest and most convenient way to clean your pool. It works with the pressure of a garden hose and is efficient and fast, regardless of the filtration method. This will keep your pool clean and safe to swim into. 


    • Portable Vacuum Head. Powerful Pool Vacuum Cleaner is very effective in cleaning walls, corners, and slopes easily with its flexible body and sturdy nylon cleaning bristles. Thus, enabling it to remove unwanted leaf and other debris into the collection container. No more dirt and debris in your pool!

    • Ultimate Pool Cleaner Helper. The suction effect created by the water pressure from the hose pulls leaves, sand, and debris into the mesh bag. Fine mesh netting efficiently scoops up even the tiniest bugs and particles.

    • Reliable and Durable. The pool cleaner is made of premium quality ABS and has a length of Approx. 25.7cm / 10.1in. This ensures maximum durability which guarantees long-lasting use. 

    • Hassle-free to use. This is easy to install and does not need a filter system. You can use this immediately after connecting the waterline. A typical garden hose or vacuum hose fits into the vacuum port. This pool vacuum cleaner will start working as soon as the water is switched on!

    • Wide range of applications. This pool vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning regular swimming pools, inflatable pools, spas, waterfalls, fountains, and ponds. This will help you remove all unwanted contaminants in your pool and also prevents the growth of algae.

    • Designed to have a dual function. This pool cleaner is designed to remove debris and also cleans the side of  the pool to prevent algae growth. Simply attach the garden hose device to the vacuum cleaner brush. Make your pool look crystal clear.

    Product Specification:

    • Material: ABS
    • Product Size: Approx. 25.7cm / 10.1in
    • Product Weight: 400 g
    • Color: White and Blue

    Package includes:

    1. 1x Brush Head
    2. 1 x Handle
    3. 1 x Quick Connector
    4. 1 x Mesh Bag
    5. 1 x Water Inlet



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