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    Pool Leaf Vacuum

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    Easily Remove Leaves, Dirt, And Debris From Your Pool!


    Collect leaves and debris in your pool without bulky hoses, electrical cords, or requiring connection to a pool’s filtration system. This Pool Leaf Vacuum is the fast and easy way to clear out leaves and debris in the bottom of the swimming pool. Prevents leaves from clogging the pool's filtration system. Perfect for quick pool cleanups in this swimming season.



    • Fast and complete cleaning.
      Pool leaf vacuum removes a large number of leaves, dirt, and debris from the pool bottom. It has bottom bristles that brush the dirt off the floor leaving only a clean pool ready for swimming.

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    • Cleans in all directions.
      The 3 directional wheels allow easy navigation and maneuvering around the pool area with ease. No need to move around the pool while cleaning.

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    • Lightweight and easy to use.
      Incredibly lightweight to carry around and easy to use. It uses water to clean and lift off the leaves from the bottom. The quick-disconnect adapter fits any standard or regular sized garden hose. No special equipment needed. 

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    • Large capacity mesh bag.
      Reusable and washable mesh bag that nicely fits on the 15” diameter opening of the Pool Leaf Vacuum. It collects and filters leaves, debris, dirt, and even tiny bugs and prevents them from clogging the pool’s filter.



    How to use:

    1. Attach the mesh bag tightly onto the pool leaf vacuum.
    2. Attach the pool leaf vacuum with any regular sized garden hose (one end connected to water tap) and any telescopic pole.
    3. Place the assembled pool leaf vacuum into the pool.
    4. Turn on the water tap to create suction force and help the leaves get into the mesh bag.
    5. Simply maneuver the pool leaf vacuum around the pool to clean up all the leaves and debris.
    6. After the pool cleaning process completes, remove the pool leaf vacuum from the pool carefully and do not spill the content in the mesh bag.
    7. Turn off the water tap, remove the hose and pole. 
    8. Remove the mesh bag from the vacuum and empty the content in the mesh bag. Clean the mesh bag and store for your next pool cleaning session.



    • Size: 16.6 * 15.3 * 6.7 inch (Approx)


    • 1 x Pool Leaf Vacuum

    Note: Garden hose and telescopic pole not included



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