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    Modern No-Slam Spring Door Closer

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    Shut the door problems? SOLVED!


    • Spring operated corrosion-resistant stainless steel and commercial-grade aluminum alloy
    • Salt spray tested for 96 hours with perfect results
    • Lasts up to 500,000 open/close cycles
    • Easy to install, no door modifications required
    • Minimalistic and modern design
    • Universal mounting, suitable for all kinds of right and left opened doors

    Got your hands full? Or do the kids always forget to close the door? With this Modern No-Slam Spring Door Closer, your doors will never be left wide open. Pet-free zones will remain pet-free and you won’t ever have to keep asking your family to shut the door!

    An inexpensive solution to an annoying problem, this is perfect for your garage, main door, and even the baby’s room since it gently closes the doors -- you’ll never hear a loud slam!


    1. Locate the regulation pin & pry the pin out with a screwdriver. Hold it against the bottom to prevent the springs from popping out.

    2. Tension the spring using the included hexagonal key.

    3. Insert the regulation pin in the appropriate hole in order to obtain the desired closing strength.

    4. Lastly attached the Modern No-Slam Spring Door Closer to the door of your liking.

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    Material: Stainless Steel & Aluminum Alloy

    Closing door section:0-180 degree

    Maximum weight of the installation door: 40KG



    1 x  Modern No-Slam Spring Door Closer

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