Miter Router Bit 12-Piece Set
Miter Router Bit 12-Piece Set
Miter Router Bit 12-Piece Set
Miter Router Bit 12-Piece Set

Miter Router Bit 12-Piece Set

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All the bits you need!


  • Heat resistant carbon steel body with tungsten carbide tips
  • Stays sharp even at high-speed operations
  • Perfect for trimming, puzzling, boring, carving ALL types of wood
  • Can be used by DIYers and professionals
  • Kept organized in a wooden case for easy transport

Best for hobbyists and professionals alike, your wood projects will turn out the way you want them to when you use this Miter Router Bit 12-Piece Set. With all the bit you need to smoothen corners, join wood, or trim edges, you will have a display-worthy project everyone will appreciate.


  • Wooden storage box dimensions: 16.5cm x 14cm x 5cm
  • Cove box bit measurement: R6.35mm
  • Bearing cove box bit measurement: R6.35mm
  • Dovetail bit measurement: 12.7mm
  • Bearing 45° chamber bit measurement: 32m
  • Bearing flute trim bit measurement: 12.7mm
  • 90° V grooving bit measurement: 12.7mm
  • Roman ogee bit measurement: R4mm
  • Rounding over bit measurement: R6.35mm
  • Rounding over bit measurement: R9.5mm
  • Straight bit measurement: 16mm
  • Straight bit measurement: 12mm
  • Straight bit measurement: 6mm

Package includes:

  • 1 x wooden storage box
  • 1 x cove box bit
  • 1 x bearing cove box bit
  • 1 x dovetail bit
  • 1 x bearing 45° chamber bit
  • 1 x bearing flute trim bit
  • 1 x 90° V grooving bit
  • 1 x roman ogee bit
  • 2 x rounding over bit
  • 3 x straight bit