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    Turn Your Bedroom into A Sleep Haven with LunarOrbs! 

    A multifunctional 3 in 1 sleeping machine: White Noise Machine, Night Light & Bluetooth Speaker

    ★ Soothing White Noise                     
    ★ Realistic full moon shape & surface
    ★ Warm Night Lights                          
    ★ Relaxing Sleep Ambience                
    ★ Reduce Stress & Induce Sleep         

    LunaOrbs is your solution to relaxation and a good night's sleep.

    This perfectly crafted moon lamp sound machine can be used as a white noise machinenight light and a Bluetooth music player.

    Instantly create a relaxing and cozy ambience to calm your mind, soothes your kids and promotes deep sleep all night long.

    Dreamland is no longer a Dream.

    Good night's sleep begins with LunaOrbs

    Built-in 10 sounds & 7 colors lights to create perfect sleep environment to fall fast asleep and stay asleep all night.

    White Noise for Better Sleep

    Enjoy a night of deep sleep and wake up refreshed.

    LunaOrbs provides steady low hum of relaxing white noise at the background and muffles loud outside noise to help you keep calm, fall asleep faster and stay deep sleep throughout the night.

    • Soothing sleep inducing sound
    • Blocks out loud noises
    • Helps with insomnia
    • Relax body & mind
    • Wake up supercharged

    Night light for Cozy & Safe Ambience 

    Your bedroom doesn't have to be dark and uninspiring.

    LunaOrbs is the perfect way to light up the bedroom and enhance the mood with 7 different color lights and a moon-globe style design.

    This night light provides sufficient visibility but it is gentle enough for your eyes and will not disrupt your sleep. It provides a sense of security for kids and adults who are afraid of the dark. 

    Make Your Kids Sleep Faster & Longer

    Is it a struggle to put your kids to bed? It's bedtime but they just won't go to bed and want you by their side. The worst thing is, this bedtime struggle can go on for hours. It is so dreadful and all you want is some personal time for yourself.

    Lull your kids to sleep with white noise or different calming lullabies. Create a regular nap time or bedtime with LunaOrbs

    The soothing sounds and soft lights help to reduce stress and anxiety in your child. Quickly soothe your kids into deep sleep fast. 

    End bedtime struggles and enjoy your "ME" time.

    Improve Your Focus


    Don't get distracted by disruptive noises and affect your workflow or impair your learning process.

    LunaOrbs helps you stay focused by eliminating distracting background noises from the surrounding.

    • Encourage focus & concentration
    • Increase productivity
    • Increase attention span
    • Great for meditation and yoga

    Liven Up Your Home & Workstation

    Explore a new world of tranquility and illumination.

    Decorate your home, bedroom and even workstation with LunaOrbs.

    This stylish looking sleep machine is 3D printed with actual NASA satellite images. Turn on LunaOrbs and instantly lift up your mood and the ambience of your room. 

    How LunaOrbs Compares


    Q: Can I use this in my baby’s room? 

    A: Absolutely. LunaOrbs has 10 high quality and clear sounds, including 4 lullabies that will help put your baby to sleep. In fact, this is designed to help babies and kids fall asleep faster and better. The night lamp is also adjustable to make the ambience of the room more relaxed and calmer.


    Q: How long does it play the sounds and is there a pre-set timer? 

    A: LunaOrbs has a long battery life that can last up to 7 hours of standby mode. You can easily set the timer to automatically shut off for 15, 30 and 60 minutes. It also has a memory function that saves your preferred settings on the timer, light, sound and volume. 


    Q: Can I adjust the brightness of the lamp? 

    A: Yes. You can adjust the brightness and even choose its color! Select from 7 colors of Cool White, Warm White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink. You can adjust to go brighter or dimmer using the remote for convenience. 


    Q: Can I choose one sound to play all night?

    A: Yes you can. LunaOrbs has 10 different clear sounds you can choose from to play all night or for a certain amount of time. Select from White Noise, Cricket, Rain, Bird Chirping, River Flowing, Light Music and 4 kinds of Lullabies. Choose your sound, adjust the volume or set the timer and let it play its steady sound to help you relax and fall asleep. 


    Q: Can I play different sounds all at once? 

    A: No you can’t. You can only choose to play one sound at a time and select for continuous play or set time for it to play. 


    Q: Can I use the remote control to switch light and sounds from across the room?

    A: Yes you can. Use the remote control to switch LunaOrbs on and off, select the sound you prefer, select night light color, volume and timer setting. The remote control can work for a distance of up to 30 feet in line of sight.  


    Q: How do I know if the LunaOrbs is charging or fully charged? 

    A: When LunaOrbs is in charging status, a light indicator will show ON near the charging port. When fully charged, the light indicator will turn off.  


    Q: Can I use LunaOrbs with lights on for hours at a time? Can I use it while charging? 

    A: Yes, you can use LunaOrbs as a night light for hours and while charging. The moon lamp is made of high-quality Fiberglass material and is 100% safe to use for many hours.


    Q: What is the size of LunaOrbs? Is it heavy?

    A: LunaOrbs is about 15cm in diameter and weighs only 315g. Due to its lightweight and built-in battery, LunaOrbs is portable and be used anywhere you want. 


    Q: Can I use LunaOrbs as a wireless music speaker?

    A: Yes! Simply turn on your phone's Bluetooth and search for "Lamp Speaker". Then connect your phone to LunaOrbs and play any music you want.



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