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    Livestock Drinking Tank Defrosting Heater

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    Freezing Water Can Be A Problem To Your Livestock!

    Those of us who normally rely on stock tanks, water troughs, and water buckets face a challenge when the temperature drops below freezing. To keep your animals’ water source from freezing over, our Livestock Drinking Tank Defrosting Heater is the solution you are looking for. When used correctly, these devices can keep tanks, troughs, and other vessels ice-free and ensure that your animals can drink whenever they need to.

    Our Livestock Drinking Tank Defrosting is thermostatically controlled to operate only when the temperature drops below freezing. This saves energy, creating a practical solution to the problem of offering drinking water in the harsh winter cold.


    • Thickened explosion-proof glass: explosion-proof heat conduction, explosion-proof glass heating tube, double insulation function, fast heating speed, etc. It can withstand a large temperature difference without bursting.

    • Uniform heating wire: fast heat collection, reliable high-quality materials to ensure heat output, keeping the water temperature of the livestock's water tank. The built-in heating wire is heated quickly and evenly, and the effect is remarkable.

    • The knob accurately controls the temperature: the error is small, the heating is gradually increased, the temperature is gradually increased, the temperature is prevented from changing. Heated for 7-8 minutes, paused for 2 minutes, and the cycle reaches the set temperature, the temperature will more constant and lasting.

    • Arbitrary temperature regulation: automatic temperature control, large control range, optional automatic temperature control, can meet the temperature requirements of different livestock.
    • Waterproof and Safe: waterproof double layer, durable insulation, safe design.



    • Material: Glass, Nickel-Chromium Alloy
    • Watt: 25W, 50W, 100W, 200W, 300W
    • Temperature range: 20 ° -34 °
    • Weight: 170g/ 190g/ 200g/ 250g/ 260g
    • Line length: 80cm
    • Size: 20.5cm (25W & 50W)/ 26.5cm (100W)/ 30.5cm (200W &300W)

    Package Includes: 

    1 x Livestock Drinking Tank Defrosting Heater



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