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    Flopping Fish Interactive Dog Toy

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    Flopping Fish - The Best Interactive Toy for Your Fur Baby! 

    Why Use Flopping Fish?

    The Flopping Fish is designed to keep your dogs occupied while reducing stress and anxiety from the time you leave them alone. This toy comes is perfect for when you’re at work, or have other important tasks to tend to, or want some quiet alone time.


    More than 70% of dogs display stress, anxiety and boredom. The Flopping Fish provides mental stimulation, satisfies their natural instincts, combats boredom and improves overall happiness and excitement for our fur babies!


    The Flopping Fish prevents destructive behaviour from our lonely pups, resulting in less breakage of household items that can be potentially dangerous/hazardous in the long term.

    Product Features:

    • REALISTIC FISH STIMULATION The Flopping Fish not only looks like a real fish, it acts like a real fish as well. It will flop when touched and stay still when left alone making endless hours of fun for your Dogs!

    • MOTION-BASED SENSOR. The Flopping yFish will adjust its flopping slower or faster according to the motion around it. If it detects that it's being played with, it' ll flop faster. If it detects no motion, it' ll slow down and eventually stop. Save energy for a more enjoyable play time!

    • DURABLE & PET-SAFE MATERIAL. Flopping Fish is made of high-quality materials and strong paddings that protects the motor inside, so you don't have to worry about the safety and durability of the toy being scratched or bitten by your dog.


    Package Includes:

    1 x Flopping Fish Interactive Dog Toy



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