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    Faucet Dental Water Flosser

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    Easy Flossing After Meal for Clean Teeth and Fresh Breaths

    Regular flossing is important to ensure good oral hygiene and prevent cavities but it can be time consuming and hard to achieve for many people, and some don't want to do it even though it is advised by dentists. Regular flossing with traditional string and finger floss has higher chance of causing bleeding gum, which can lead to gum diseases due to pathogenic bacteria hidden in your mouth. 
    Water flossing is the alternative, where pressured water is used to flush out bacteria responsible for gingivitis and other oral infection, keeping your oral clean and prevent gum diseases and inflammation. 

    Our Faucet Dental Water Flosser is the perfect way to keep your teeth clean and fresh after eating or any time of the day. This water flosser can give you a deep cleaning of interdental areas, helpful for removing plaque, also beneficial for brace cleaning. It is easy to install, simply connect it to the tap and turn on the tap. Fast, effective and noise-free way to irrigate and floss your teeth. 

    Highlight Features:

    • Adjustable water pressure. Easily control the water pressure by adjusting the mode button. 
    • Triple water jets for effective cleaning. This triple water jets design is more effective than traditional single water jet nozzle. Not only that it can clean gum line and between teeth, this design can be used to clean wide area such as tooth surface and tongue, and even provide gentle gum massage.
    • 90 degree angle water nozzle for better cleaning. The right-angled nozzle allows water reach deep between teeth, resulting in better cleaning. 
    • Easy to install and no battery required. Simply connect it to the tap and turn on the tap. No need to fill up tanks. Hassel-free and noise-free.
    • Pair with brushing for best oral care. Brushing alone is not enough to eliminate the bacteria, plaque and other impurities in our mouth. Use this water flosser after brushing to clean areas that is not accessible by toothbrush to ensure your mouth and teeth is really clean.
    • Perfect for cleaning braces. No more manual cleaning and picking between braces. This water flosser is more efficient than manual cleaning because it covers a bigger surface area in a shorter time. The powerful water streams get deep into the braces and wash away any food and bacteria.


    Product specification

    • Material : ABS and Stainless Steel
    • Connection Coil Tube: 1 meter length
    • No electricity/battery required
    • Noise-free
    • Thread size: can fit standard M24 and M24


    Package includes:

    • 3 Multi-jet Nozzle
    • 3 Single-jet Nozzle
    • 1 Plastic Faucet Adapter
    • 2 Metal Faucet Adapter
    • 1 Storage Box
    • 1 Handle Set
    • 1 User Manual




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