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    Extendable LED Clip-On Lamp for Fish Tank

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     Bright white and blue LED lights


    Always make sure to keep your fish in great condition. Maintaining a healthy fish needs a well-equipped fish tank. It would be incomplete without plants, filters, and oxygen tanks on it. Besides these, you need a LED light to provide proper lighting essential. Without enough lighting, aquatic plants will not have the energy they need to live and thrive inside the fish tank. Keep your aquarium adequately illuminated with Extendable LED Clip-On Lamp for Fish Tank. 



    • Bright LED Light: Most fish show various behaviors that will change with proper lighting. White and blue LEDs work jointly and all spectrums are carefully balanced to support the growth of plants. Provide energy to the organism and enhance the natural color in the aquarium..


    • Photosynthesis Process: Lighting close to natural light is conducive to plant growth. Our Extendable LED Clip-On Lamp supplies a brilliant illumination and reproduces the natural colors for your aquarium. Keeping the aquarium sufficiently lightened aids in the photosynthesis process of aquatic plants. It is beneficial for the overall health and well-being of the aquarium fish. 


    • Robust Extendable Body: Safe for fish tank plants and fishes. It has a sleek fixture design that is made of carbon fiber light body shell. Adjustable metal mounting brackets have an additional 8.5cm apart from the light fixture to fit most fish tank sizes. More energy-efficient than fluorescent bulbs, long-lasting, and save you tons of money.


    • Easy Control Features: All our models are easy to control. Get the right combination that you want in your planted tank fuss-free. By having control of the lighting, you can simulate day and night cycles since not all aquariums have access to natural sunlight. This makes an ideal light for freshwater fish and low-high level plants.

    Product Specifications:

    Material: Carbon Fiber, Plastic
    Light Color: Blue + White
    Power: 8W (16Leds) / 12W (24 Leds) / 16W (32 Leds) / 20w (40 Leds) / 24W (48Leds)
    Voltage: 90-260v
    Thickness: 1.8cm
    Length: 18 +13cm / 28 +13cm / 38 +13cm / 48 +13cm / 58 +13cm                            Models: YX-B20S / YX-B30S / YX-B40S / YX-B50S / YX-B60S                                          

    Package Includes:

    1 x Extendable LED Clip-On Lamp for Fish Tank



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