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    Ergonomic Feet Cushion Support

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    Enjoy a therapeutic massage feeling


    Enjoy a therapeutic massage feeling with our Ergonomic Feet Cushion Support. This is designed to provide firm support for your feet and legs, helping you to sit upright. The foam provides just enough density for proper support. It helps prevent vein distention by raising your feet at just the right height. The cover features many small dots, which helps keep your feet on the cushion and provides a massage-like relief.


    • Adjustable for your own comfort. This Ergonomic Feet Cushion Support is formulated specifically for the weight of your feet and legs. Regardless of how short your legs are, this will let you add or remove inches to your footrest for maximum comfort. Enjoy the comfortable footrest while working or playing games!
    • Work your calves out. You can still be active even though you’re sitting, simply flip over your footrest pillow and enjoy the rocking motion on its gel rubber bottom. This is suitable under any desk, for restless legs, while gaming, or even long trips.
    • A soothing working essential. This advanced memory foam pillow reacts to the heat of your body to provide the optimal density of cushioning for truly custom support.
    • Provides adequate support. Say goodbye to joint aches, sore feet, and back pain by using this foot cushion. It’s fitted with highly dense foam that's not too soft and keeps its shape for longer.

    Product Specification:

    Material: Sponge + Mesh Fabric

    Product Size: 40 x 20 x 10cm

    Product Weight: 200g

    Color: Black

    Package Included:

    1 x Ergonomic Feet Cushion Support



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