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    Door Gap Sealing Strip

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    Block the space under the door 

    Keep pests, noise and even dust from entering under the door. This  Door Gap Sealing Strip seals off the gap between the door and door without affecting its sliding movement. No more rats, cockroaches or dusts entering the room unexpectedly. 


    • Double sided protection. Seal off both sides of the door gap. This Door Gap Sealing Strip is quick and very easy to set up. It comes in 2-inch diameter foam tubes and can cover up to 36 inches in length of door. It can fit perfectly to block the extra gap from the door and floor. 
    • Simply block the draft. Easy to set up. It already comes together in a foam tube and all you have to do is fit it under the draft and cut. Trimmed to the correct size and slid them under. That’s it!
    • Block out pests and small particles. Cockroaches and other insects and pests go through the door gap. Keep dusts and pests from unwantedly entering your room. It also blocks out hot and cold air from the air conditioner from escaping the room. You can also block out the noise from the inside and outside of the room. 
    • Versatile stopper strip. Not just for the door gaps, you can also use this Door Gap Sealing Strip on windows, double doors, cabinets and more. It doesn’t affect the sliding movement. It just glides through the floor or surface with ease.

    Product Specification:

    Material: EVA, Foam Rubber

    Product Size: 93 x 10cm

    Product weight: 65g

    Color: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Brown, White

    Package Included:

    1 x Door Gap Sealing Strip



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