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    Home Gutter Cleaning Spoon Tool

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    Uniquely designed gutter and roof cleaner

    Time to take the dirt and debris that’s blocking your gutter this season. Our Home Gutter Cleaning Spoon Tool is your versatile tool to pull debris under gutter hangers and behind skylights and most roof structures. Unique shaped hook design makes it easier to attach to any extension poles. 



    • Clean gutter while staying in place. Clean up to 24 feet span without needing to change the position of your ladder or without moving from your place. Remove and collect debris and dirt from the gutter easier. It is designed to be attached to a standard extension pole so you can reach and pull any debris in one location with ease.
    • Safe cleaning method.  This Home Gutter Cleaning Spoon Tool provides a safer cleaning method. Not only does it reduce the need to move up and down the ladder to clean, but its hook design allows you to hang it safely so you can climb freely using your hands. 
    • Lightweight and made to last. Durable and made from polypropylene material. It does not easily break or deform and can scoop out any dirt, leaves and sand on the gutter. Lightweight and only weighs about 270g so you can clean for a longer period of time without straining your shoulders. 

    Product Specification:

    Material: Plastic
    Product Size: 145 X 85 X 32.5mm/5.71 X 3.35 X 1.28"
    Product Weight: 270g

    Package Included:

    1 x Home Gutter Cleaning Spoon Tool



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