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    Ceramic Tile Grout Sprayer

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    Give your tiles a smooth finish


    Grout aids in the retention of tiles, but it is not the same as mortar, which is the adhesive that adheres tiles to the underlying surface. Applying grout, whether for a new tile installation or to repair old and damaged grout around the existing tile, is a simple job that must be performed with caution if you want professional-looking results. You'll need the right grouting equipment to accomplish this. Ceramic Tile Grout Sprayer got you covered! This can effectively enhance the smoothness of any tile gaps. 


    • Ultimate Steel Ball Joint Tool. Ceramic Tile Steel Ball can be applied to suppress tile grouting, quickly fill the gap after use, and make the coating fill the tile joint. This tool can effectively enhance the smoothness of the tile gap, improve labor efficiency and make work easier.

    • Durable and Reliable. This is made of ABS and Steel which ensures long-lasting use. You do not have to worry about it breaking when you’re using it. This is suitable for a 1-3 mm gap.

    • Built with flexibility. This features a positioner. This is not easy to break and not easy to deviate. You can apply adhesive or grout in whatever angles you want. No need to struggle for angles and corners anymore!

    • Hassle-free operation. This is easy to use than your traditional grout tool. Using this steel ball set, you just have to squeeze the grout into the tile gap. Use the ball shape to press the grout into the gap. Keep it for 16 hours. Remove the excess with the scraper provided. You can give that grout a beautiful finish! 

    • Wide range of uses. This is widely used for the walls or floor in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, entryway, and the rest part of the household. This is non-toxic to humans and lasts for a long time. 

    Product Specification:

    • Material: ABS + Steel  
    • Product Size: 66 x 96 mm
    • Ball diameter: 8.6 mm
    • Color: Yellow

    Package includes:

    • 1 x Handheld Caulking Sprayer 
    • 1 x 400ml Refillable Dual Tubes 
    • 1 x Nozzle 
    • 1 x Pressure Ball attachment




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