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    Baseball Reflex Training Ball

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    Ultimate Reflex and Agility Builder 


    Hitting a baseball at 125 miles per hour seems impossible when it comes to playing sports. Make it possible with this Baseball Reflex Training Ball. This will help you gain the winning edge by improving your reaction time. It is made of high-density rubber, unlike other softer balls, to maximize its intended function of varied and random bounce. This enhances hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and peripheral vision while also the speed and agility when used regularly.


    • Designed to be your reflex trainer. A player's ability to predict and respond rapidly is crucial when it comes to baseball. This Baseball Reflex Training Ball is made to bounce unpredictably in order for athletes to develop their hand-eye coordination and reaction speed. This strengthens players’ ability to anticipate where the ball is going based on movement. 

    • Provides immediate feedback for your reaction time. This is designed with six sides that bounce and leap randomly to keep the baseball players’ heads in the game. This will provide a better analysis of your player's engagement with the ball as you get instant feedback on their reaction time.

    • Level up your training drills. These reaction training balls will help improve your efficiency if you're trying to improve your ability to predict the accurate aim for the ball. Made with 100% rubber, this allows you to add some fun to drill practice to keep players involved and alert with multiple ways to train: ground balls between players, rebounding on walls, and speed or direction agility training.

    • Train wherever you want. The ball has the dimension of diameter: approx 6.8cm (Big Size), approx 5.6cm (Small Size). You can choose the size of the ball. This is designed to be portable so you can bring it anywhere you want to train. Improve your depth perception while having fun with your trainer.

    Product Specification:

    • Material: Rubber
    • Product Size: 
    • Diameter: Approx 6.8cm (Big Size) Approx 5.6cm (Small Size)
    • Product Weight: 0.2 kg
    • Color: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Pink

    Package includes:

    • 1 x Baseball Reflex Training Ball




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