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    6Teeth Hoof Trimming Disc

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     Hoof Trimming and Polishing Disc

    Keep your horses and cattles’ hooves trimmed and maintained. Prevent worn down and possible overgrowth, splitting and other disorders. 6Teeth Hoof Trimming Disc helps trim and maintain hooves’ natural shape and eliminate impaired mobility especially on older cattles. 



    🐮Compatible trimming disc for your power tool. Compatible with angle grinder, 6Teeth Hoof Trimming Disc is a safer option to use when trimming cattle and horses hooves. Made with hard tungsten steel. It’s an abrasive disc that is efficient in deburring and edging which leaves each hoof smooth and polished unlike other discs. 

    🐮Trimmer and sander in one. Ultra-high trimming efficiency. Measuring 16mm inner diameter and 90mm outer diameter it makes it compatible with any bore angle grinders and manual grinders. Easy to control grinding and polishing action which maximizes its performance and trimming faster. 

    🐮Trim without kickbacks. Trim and polish the hooves down without problem. The arc teeth are designed in the inner diameter which makes grinding smooth which prevents any kickbacks throughout the operation. Easily attached to grinders and flatten hooves and smoothen them out like butter. 

    Product Specification:

    Material: Tungsten steel 
    Product Size:  5.43 x 4.33 x 0.55 inches
    Product Weight: 270g
    Color: blue 

    Package Included:

    1 x 6Teeth Hoof Trimming Disc





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