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    200PC Brush Children Crayon Painting Set

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    Encourage your child’s passion for arts and crafts

    Encourage your child’s passion for arts with this 200PC Brush Children Crayon Painting Set. A double-layered art drawing set complete with color pencils, watercolor pens, plum color palettes, color powder blocks, nylon brushes, paints, crayons, eraser, sketch pencil, palette, graffiti book and paper clips. Everything your child needs from sketching, painting and drawing are all here! It comes with an aluminum box that easily opens and extends.


    • A complete set for different arts & craft needs. Does your child love to draw or paint? 200PC Brush Children Crayon Painting Set is an ideal learning tool to encourage a child’s creative mind. It has everything you need for book coloring, sketching, scrapbooking, painting, drawing and even designing.

    • A huge collection of art supplies. A 200-pcs collection of water-based vibrant colors without duplicates. The set comes with 28 colored pencils, 33 watercolor pens, 2 plum color palettes, 24 color powder blocks, 4 nylon brushes, 24 color 6ML paints, 24 crayons, 1 eraser, 2 sketch pencils, 1 transparent palette, 1 plastic eraser, 1 aluminum box, 18-page graffiti book, 36 paper clips.  

    • Safe for children’s use.  All materials are made of acid-free and nontoxic materials. Colors are vibrant and don't smeal, fade or skip. The pens are fiber tipped with  0.38 mm fine points, great for making intricate patterns. Everything is also portable with the expandable aluminum box. It’s easy to open, access and carry around in school, home or art lessons.  

    Product Specification:

    Material: EVA 
    Product Size: 
    Product Weight:
    Color: girl pink, blue pony, pink pony, blue griffin, pink griffin, pink, blue, yellow

    Package includes:

    28 x colored pencils
    33 x watercolor pens
    2 x plum color palettes
    24 x color powder blocks
    4 x nylon brushes
    24 x color 6ML paints
    24 x crayons
    1 x eraser
    2 x sketch pencils
    1 x transparent palette



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