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    This trainer will not make you a scratch golfer over night, but did give me significantly more confidence in my golf swing!! I have the ability to hit some good golf shots and out of nowhere, I'll hit a shot that looks like I've never played golf before. But this Snitz Golf Spinner Motion Trainer has really helped me to simplify my golf game! Whenever I hit a bad shot I will grab the trainer and rehearse my swings, and next shot would always be better! A very nice surprise and a very useful training aid, I highly recommend it!

    It's very easy to use and really helps my swing rotation. Also helps my pre game stretching.

    I have been searching for a training aid for a LONG time and I'm SO glad I found Snitz Golf Spinner Motion Trainer! I have always had issues completing the back swing before hitting the ball and have even had playing partners tell me my back swing barely went past hip high. This training aid has been a savior for my swing problems!

    Exactly what I needed. I use this trainer as a warm-up for a good back swing feel. For beginner golfers, this is a very good training aid that can help you achieve correct swing posture to maintain the swing path.